Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mama Who

Mama who
Mama who knows me better than the palm of her hand.
Mama who says food tastes better when you make it with love
Mama who is always trying to help others
Mama who always warns me not to make a bad choice every day like a daily routine
Mama who gives me the look when I do something wrong or she is annoyed
Mama who talks her English like broken words
Mama who forgives you no matter what
Mama who always keeps her promises  
Mama who knows when something is wrong
Mama whose hugs make you feel like everything is going to be ok
Mama who knows how to balance her life equally
Mama who somehow manages to take time with everybody even after a long day at work
Mama who is coffee and sugar bread in the morning
Mama who fills the house with the smell of crispy sizzling bacon in the morning weekends
Mama who’s favorite ice cream is Hagen Dazs ice cream
Mama who is tamales, posole, and champurrado in Christmas
Mama who is chicken soup when someone is sick


  1. Nice work, Paola. Food does taste better when love is added. Mr. Barnes

  2. My absolute favorite line is "talks her English like broken words". You can hear it. Also, the coffe and sugar bread in the morning and chicken soup when someone is sick. She seems so loving.

  3. I love this whole poem, especially the line mentioning her making chicken soup when you are sick.It indirectly shows how caring your mother must be. Nice work!

  4. This peom is great!!! I sounds like you really look up to your mom and that she is a very important person in your life. I also like how you added important characteristics about your mom so the reader really feels like they get to know her.